Which SPFL Players are Contributing the Most to their Club's Attack?

Written by Matt Rhein @TheBackPassRule

We have come to the end of another SPFL Premiership campaign, so we are afforded a chance for some reflection about the performances from every club in the league. With our published xG numbers for every club and player, we can use those statistics to see which players were contributing the most to their team's attack by finding the percentage of xG they are responsible for (Player xG/Team xG). 

You can scroll through the slide show below to see the top ten contributors to each SPFL club's total xG and see the % of their team's total. Also note that players who featured at two clubs over the course of the season have had their contributions separated so you only see their contribution to that club.

It is worth noting Kris Boyd and Alfredo Morelos are responsible for the largest chunk of their Kilmarnock and Ranges xG, as 31.5% and 30.5% respectively. The player with the next highest % of their team's xG was Hearts' Kyle Lafferty at 23.6%. Clearly Boyd and Morelos were important cogs in the team's attack this season.

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