Modern Fitba Agree Deal With Ortec Sports

We’re today very happy to announce that Modern Fitba have signed an agreement with Ortec Sports to use their data for the Scottish Premiership. This means that we will be able to cover the top flight in Scotland in a unique way, using advanced statistical metrics such as Expected Goals (xG), until at least the end of the 2019/20 season. Among many other new features, we will also have the opportunity to introduce the first publicly available passing model for the Scottish Premiership, allowing the quality and difficulty of each pass to be measured.

The agreement with Ortec would never have been possible without the support of football fans across Scotland, who contributed to our recent fundraiser. After our free data access ceased last year, the football community came to our aid and we are incredibly grateful to them. We hope to repay them by continuing to cover Scottish football with a level of statistical data analysis not available anywhere else, using these advanced metrics  to create interesting stories and insight into the game in Scotland.


What happens next?

 A period of hard work in the nerd bunker is required. We now have a wealth of information from this season to collect, shape, analyse and make into pretty pictures and tables. It’ll take a little bit of time to bring you updates to existing metrics such as xG and to introduce new features, including passing models, but this will all be up and running before the end of the season. We will also be able to keep sharing Ortec produced visuals and information from each Premiership game, such as heat maps, passing graphs and shot locations, in addition to individual player stats.


Next season

 The agreement with Ortec extends to the end of the 2019/20 season, so we will cover Scottish football with this treasure trove of new data throughout what will surely be another very interesting campaign. Our website will continue to be entirely free to access. To help fund future data purchases we plan to add other material that will require a subscription service. Details of this will be released closer to the start of next summer, but is likely to include a brand new Modern Fitba podcast.


Spreading the gospel

 As you might have figured out by now, at Modern Fitba we’re passionate about the statistical analysis of football and we want to help spread the word and see a lot more coverage of Scottish football based on such data and tactical analysis. We are happy to produce articles - or data to be used in any sort of content - for other publications in return for contributions that will go towards future data purchases. This is especially relevant when it comes to other independent fan media and bloggers: contact us through email ( or on Twitter and we’ll be happy to discuss a co-operation.

Again, a huge thank you to every single one of you who contributed to our fundraiser - this would not have been possible without you!