Modern Fitba Launches Patreon Service

Today, Modern Fitba proudly launches its Patreon subscription service.

We do this for two main reasons:

Firstly, it marks the start of raising funds to purchase Scottish Premiership data from the 2020/21 season. Due to the amazing generosity of Scottish football fans our fundraiser earlier this year ensured that we were able to obtain advanced statistics from Ortec Sports for the 2019/20 campaign, through which we’ve been able to continue our unique coverage of the Premiership, introducing new metrics and stat categories never before seen publicly for Scottish football.

We simply cannot continue to be a real alternative to the current coverage of Scottish football without such data, and this information cost a significant amount of money. This Patreon subscription service will help ensure that Modern Fitba can continue to offer a level of statistical analysis not seen anywhere else in Scottish football media even beyond this current season.

Secondly, we want to help spread the football analytics gospel. One part of the content offered to our Patreon subscribers will be the availability to research advanced data, such as Expected Goals, for every single player and team in the Premiership.

Such a level of searchable data is intended to be used by anyone who want to incorporate advanced statistics into their own coverage of Scottish football, be it podcasts, blogs, video or articles, both within fan media and the mainstream media in Scotland – or simply for football fans who wants an additional level of information about their team and their opponents. 

It would hopefully be a very valuable resource that can help spread the use of advanced stats so that it can become a common and more accepted part of the football conversation in Scotland.

Full details of what will be on offer to Patreon subscribers can be found on our Patreon page, where you also can sign up. Additional content includes both an exclusive monthly Modern Fitba podcast - the first one solely dedicated to tactical and statistical side of Scottish football - and a weekly newsletter where the main focus will be on previewing all Premiership games using advanced stats. Even the top tier of content will only cost you about the price of a fancy pint every month.

The Modern Fitba website will still be completely free to use – all Patreon content will be in addition to what we’re already providing.

To every one of you who sign up and support our continued coverage: we are incredibly grateful and we’ll work tirelessly to repay you by providing a unique look at Scottish football.