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Perfecting the art of crossing the ball

Last minute winners scored from players rising like a salmon out of the river to bury a cross carry with them the emotion, the adrenalin, the euphoria, and capture it in one single moment. Each of these moments galvanises a sense that crossing is the key to winning games, but how true is this?

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The Best Shot Suppressing Centre Backs in the Scottish Premiership

@TheGersReport shares a team-by-team breakdown of shot suppression stats for the centre backs in the Scottish Premiership. The outliers for each team show which centre-backs are doing a better job of suppressing chances & which ones are being exploited by their opposition.

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Season Review: When did the Projected League Table get it right for your team?

@TheGersReport introduced his variation of an ongoing Projected League Table this season that would offer weekly predictions of what each club’s point total would be at the end of the season. Now that the season is over, let’s see when on the calendar the Projections got it right for each club.

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