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The most impactful midfielders in the Scottish Premiership this season

@TheGersReports applies Relative Shot Creation Passing stats to identify the most impactful midfielders & wingers in the Scottish Premiership this season. Additionally, he identifies which midfielders have had the least impact on their team’s build-up to shots.

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The Class of 2017: What's happened to the best forward prospects in Scotland?

Back in the summer of 2017, @TheGersReport introduced his first set of rankings of young forward prospects in Scottish football. He used Age Adjusted Goal output from the Development League to determine the rankings, with Oli Shaw leading the way. Now nearly two years later, it’s time to see what has happened to the others on the list.

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A new team rating system suggests Motherwell's recent form may not last

@TheGersReport borrows a Team Rating system from the hockey analytics world & applies it to the Scottish Premiership. It adjusts results to factor in a team’s strength of schedule & the results flagged Motherwell as a team that has thrived recently by playing weaker opposition.

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