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Matt Rhein

Despite being born and raised in the US, Matt somehow made his way into the weird Venn Diagram of Scottish Football and football analytics. After discovering some of the basic building blocks of football analytics, he was excited to see where the various SPFL players compared to each other only to discover there was little public data available. With this, he decided to track his own and his site, The Backpass Rule, was born. On The Backpass Rule, he has investigated the world of Scottish football, applying analytical concepts to try and provide unique insights to the SPFL. He has also worked with staff at clubs both in Scotland and elsewhere in Europe to apply these ideas practically.

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Jamie Kilday

Jamie is a Mancunian Scottish fitba fan and blogger with a keen interest in data and analytics. He has been blogging as FitbaInScotland since 2012 and is also a freelance data analyst currently working for an online football betting advice company.

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Christian Wulff

Originally from the rough part of Oslo, Christian came to Scotland in 2001 and has no intention of leaving. He's written and spoken about football for BBC Scotland, STV, The Herald and Scotsman. Having written gushing articles about Ronny Deila long before his compatriot arrived in Glasgow, Christian become part of the Celtic-focused website and podcast 90 Minute Cynic in 2014, where he still writes and blethers, while also being the editor of their quarterly digital magazine, The Cynical. Being a stat novice only a few years ago, Christian got caught up in the rock n' roll world of advanced statistical data, leading him to produce analysis work on the SPFL for 90 Minute Cynic (@x90Cynic) and on Norwegian football at @kroneball, together with fellow Modern Fitba founder Matt Rhein. He' s worked with club staff in both Scotland and Norway, providing statistical advice and information.

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Jason has been dabbling in fitba analytics since the summer of 2015. He provided volunteer statistical analysis for Rangers in 2015-16 & then the next season he became a paid consultant for a club in Scotland's lower leagues. He returned to writing publicly for the 2017-18 season & created a database for the Scottish Premiership that season.

He is available for outsourced statistical analysis, with an emphasis on match analysis, player/team trends, & player recruitment. To see a portfolio of his work visit The Rangers Report.

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Seth Dobson

Seth is a professional data scientist working in the financial services industry. He fell in love with Scotland on a honeymoon trip to the UK in 2006. Later, he fell in love with football after watching every match of the 2010 World Cup. Soon after he started following Celtic. In 2014, he decided to merge his love of football and analytics, starting one the first-ever blogs focusing on Scottish football analytics ( He has also contributed to 90MinuteCynic and Informe de Futbol.

Twitter: @fitbametrics

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Blair Newman

Blair is a Scottish football fan based in Edinburgh. He has worked as a freelance football writer for the Guardian, FourFourTwo, the Daily Record and many others over the last five years, though is increasingly focused on tactical analysis and has scouted for a Scottish Premiership team. A portfolio of his analysis writing can be found here:

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Dougie Wright

Dougie is a football geek from Glasgow. In addition to his weekly "Analysis Corner" column on the Clyde Superscoreboard website, Dougie has featured in the Daily Record, STV, 90 Minute Cynic, the Anfield Index and Heart and Hand.

Dividing his time between writing about football tactics and applied statistics, he's passionate about finding out what makes football "tick" - how to best evaluate players and teams.

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Alex Lawrence

Alex is the de facto Scottish ‘fitba’ ambassador to the English-language enclave of the German tactical analysis website Spielverlagerung. A half-Russian, Zenit-supporting student and youth coach, he has particularly fond memories of Dick Advocaat, though shares very few of these with his fellow Glaswegians. Twitter wrath, for which he is a lightning-rod, should be directed to @thetenspace.

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