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Modern Fitba is a brand new Scottish football analytics and tactics website launching on Monday the 14th of May for fans of all backgrounds who have an interest in Scottish Football and want to read in-depth analysis behind the statistics and tactics.

There is an ever growing interest in football statistics and tactical analysis and Modern Fitba will provide fans with in-depth articles written by Football Data Performance Analysts and Scottish Football Coaches for FREE, no paywall and no subscription fees.
The idea started as a Whatsapp group chat amongst Scottish football fans spanning two continents, all conducting their own work in statistical analytics and tactical analysis but also aware that there wasn’t a single dedicated website that covered both these fields for Scottish football.

“Over the last few years, a small community of tactical and statistical analysts covering the SPFL have sprung up on social media. The driving purpose behind Modern Fitba is to combine all that knowledge and enthusiasm for Scottish football into one site, where we want to provide the most thorough and engaging analysis available, all for free. Through this we hope we can become a welcome addition to the coverage of the game in Scotland”

For the coming season, Modern Fitba’s statistical data will be from leading industry providers Stratagem Technologies and InStat, giving Modern Fitba the opportunity to analyse the SPFL to an extent and in such detail that has never been seen publicly in Scotland. Uniquely this also means that for the first time the majority of analysts writing about advanced stats in Scottish football will be working with a common data source, ensuring a consistency and validity of numbers.

Modern Fitba hopes to become the undisputed place for detailed tactical analysis and advanced statistics on the SPFL and our first week will have a variety of articles including a tactical preview of the Scottish Cup final.