League Table

Last Updated (27/09/2018 21:17:00)

Club P W D L GF GA GD Points
St Johnstone6222610-48
St Mirren6114312-94

Total Stats

xG Leaders

Rank Player Club xG Goals
1S. NaismithHearts2.283
2D. BoyataCeltic2.161
3D. JohnsonMotherwell2.022
4L. GriffithsCeltic1.991
5U. IkpeazuHearts1.921
6S. RobinsonLivingston1.881
7B. AlstonSt. Johnstone1.821
8D. McMillanSt. Johnstone1.812
9S. MacLeanHearts1.761
10A. MorelosRangers1.712

Goal Leaders

Rank Player Club Goals xG
1K. LaffertyHearts41.32
2S. NaismithHearts32.28
3S. BoydKilmarnock21.22
4G. StewartKilmarnock20.58
5D. McMillanSt. Johnstone21.81
6O. ShawHibernian21.43
7E. BrophyKilmarnock21.06
8D. JohnsonMotherwell22.02
9A. MorelosRangers21.71
10D. MullenSt. Mirren21.47
11M. BoyleHibernian20.5
12M. MillerHamilton Academical20.57
13S. MallanHibernian20.83
14P. HaringHearts21.3

xA Leaders

Assist Leaders

Rank Player Club Assists xA
1L. GriffithsCeltic2.780
2O. LeeHearts2.430
3M. BoyleHibernian2.392
4S. NaismithHearts1.913
5G. BigirimanaMotherwell1.862
6S. MallanHibernian1.481
7K. TierneyCeltic1.471
8N. McGinnAberdeen1.461
9R. FosterSt. Johnstone1.381
10U. IkpeazuHearts1.363
Rank Player Club Assists xA
1S. NaismithHearts31.91
2U. IkpeazuHearts31.36
3B. BarisicRangers31.3
4M. BoyleHibernian22.39
5G. BigirimanaMotherwell21.86
6J. TavernierRangers21.07
7C. BurkeKilmarnock21
8S. ArfieldRangers20.5
9P. HaringHearts20.5
10S. LawlessLivingston20.39

Per 90 Stats

xG/90 Leaders

Rank Player Club xG/90 G/90
1S. MoussaDundee0.640
2D. McMillanSt. Johnstone0.640.71
3S. BoydKilmarnock0.611
4L. GriffithsCeltic0.570.28
5S. MacLeanHearts0.550.31
6D. BoyataCeltic0.540.25
7F. KamberiHibernian0.530.45
8J. MacLarenHibernian0.530.49
9D. JohnsonMotherwell0.520.52
10O. EdouardCeltic0.510.36
minimum 180 mins

G/90 Leaders

Rank Player Club G/90 xG/90
1K. LaffertyHearts1.140.37
2S. BoydKilmarnock10.61
3G. StewartKilmarnock0.790.23
4D. McMillanSt. Johnstone0.710.64
5O. ShawHibernian0.630.45
6E. BrophyKilmarnock0.580.31
7D. JohnsonMotherwell0.520.52
8S. NaismithHearts0.50.38
10J. MacLarenHibernian0.490.53
minimum 180 mins

xA/90 Leaders

Rank Player Club xA/90 A/90
1L. GriffithsCeltic00.79
2M. BoyleHibernian0.380.45
3O. NtchamCeltic0.380.43
4O. LeeHearts00.43
5S. SaundersLivingston0.50.43
7B. BarisicRangers0.840.36
8G. BigirimanaMotherwell0.360.34
9N. McGinnAberdeen0.220.32
10S. NaismithHearts0.50.32
minimum 180 mins

A/90 Leaders

Rank Player Club A/90 xA/90
1B. BarisicRangers0.840.36
2U. IkpeazuHearts0.620.28
3S. SaundersLivingston0.50.43
4S. NaismithHearts0.50.32
5S. BoydKilmarnock0.50.18
7S. ArfieldRangers0.470.12
8S. LawlessLivingston0.450.09
9J. TavernierRangers0.410.22
10M. BoyleHibernian0.380.45
minimum 180 mins

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